Energy Basics

Ever wonder how your home gets powered by electricity and what happens when you switch suppliers? Here’s the route electricity takes to get to your home and how your utility and supplier fit in.


About Customer Choice

Will my service change if I switch suppliers?

Your service will stay the same. Your local utility will continue to handle billing, electricity delivery, and responding to power outages.  You can expect continued service during this time with no interruption. Once you switch to Better Buy Energy, you’ll just see us as a line item on your bill. Everything else will stay the same – except for the potential for savings.

With Better Buy Energy, you can choose a low, stable rate that won’t vary like it can with your local utility.

Glad you asked. You’ll just need your utility bill handy with your account number, and we'll handle the rest. Sign up here or call us at 833-200-9828, and we'll help you choose the best rate.

Absolutely not!

You’ll continue to receive one monthly bill from your local utility with the only difference being that you’ll now see Better Buy Energy as the supplier line item on your utility bill.