Hi, we're Better Buy.

And we're here to help you get a better rate on electricity. We're not talking gimmicky rates, either - ours are 100% guaranteed. With a low guaranteed rate, we'll help you and your wallet stay comfy.


Real low.

Competitive rates for peace of mind all year long. Seriously!


Real simple.

You'll still get one bill from your utility. We'll supply your power.


Real deal.

Tricky rates just aren't our style. What you see is what you get.

Our Motto

We give our customers real peace of mind with great deals on electricity. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of things you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on.

Like matching fitness trackers for you and your pet lab. Or tacos, obviously.



Business Too

As huge fans of casual Friday, we knew offering low-frills, low-priced electricity plans for your business would be the ultimate win-win. 

That's right, you can lock in a low rate today to avoid seasonal rate changes that affect your bottom line. 


Buzz Us

Want help finding your Better plan? We’d love to hear from you! Our team of energy enthusiasts are waiting on your call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. 

Call us at  833-200-9831.




Who are we?

We're a retail electricity supplier committed to offering low-priced plans and transparent electricity rates.


Are there any fees to sign up?

We don’t believe in sign-up or hidden fees. Just electricity plain and simple – at a great low rate. 


Why should I switch?

We want to help you pay less for electricity with a lower rate that's guaranteed. Sound good to you?

What happens when I switch?

Besides getting a low, protected price, you’ll see us as a line item on your bill. Everything else stays the same.

Rate comparisons are made based on Price to Compare rates during the month each plan is sold through Better Buy’s website, and valid only for: (i) the initial term for fixed rate products, and (ii) the first billing cycle of service for variable rate products. Comparisons for plans with a commodity base charge assume 1,000 kWh monthly usage. In Ohio, comparisons are based on average monthly usage of 1,000 kWh for non-electric heat homes and small businesses.